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Our Perfume & Cologne Body Oils
Our body oils are highly concentrated and are excellent comparisons to the fragrances they represent.
One drop will last all day long, so you only need to apply just a dab at a time. Wearing a pure oil on your skin
rather than a spray, allows you to experience the true fragrance the way it was meant to be. All of our oils are
manufactured by highly skilled chemists that take their time in making sure that each fragrance contains ALL the
ingredients it requires. Many customers are simply amazed with the outstanding quality of the oils they receive
from us. Each bottle of oil contains 100% pure concentrated oil (no alcohol or water). Most people that are allergic to
perfume are not allergic to our oils because they do not contain alcohol.
It is usually the alcohol in spray fragrances that people are allergic to. Our company has no affiliation, whatsoever,
with any name brand fragrances mentioned on our website. We only mention the name brands on our site for
comparison purposes only.
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1/4oz $3.00
1/3oz $5.00
1/2oz $7.00
Women's Fragrance List
212 - Carolina Herrera
French Vanilla
Alien - Thierry Mugler
Happy - Clinique
Allure - Chanel
Jimmy Choo - Jimmy Choo
Angel - Thierry Mugler
Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture
Apple Bottom - Nelly
Lick Me All Over
Baby Phat Goddess - Kimora Lee
Michael Kors
Baby Powder
Michelle Obama
Beautiful - Estee Lauder
Minajesty - Nicki Minaj
Be Delicious - Donna Karan
Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton
Beyonce Heat - Beyonce
Passion - Elizabeth Taylor
Black - Kenneth Cole
Patti Labelle - Patti Labelle
Black Woman
Peaches and Cream
Chanel No. 5 - Chanel
Pink Sugar - Aguolina
Pleasures - Estee Lauder
COCO - Chanel
Reb'l Fleur - Rihanna
Coco Mango
Summer - Nicki Minaj
Dream Angels Heavenly - Victoria's
Tommy Girl - Tommy Hilfiger
Eat It Raw
True Religion - Kim Kardashian
Egyptian Musk
Very Sexy - Victoria Secret
Escape - Calvin Klein
Viva La Juicy - Juicy Couture
Eternity - Calvin Klein
White Diamonds - Elizabeth Taylor
Women's Fragrances
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